Kinderarzt- 1220Wien- Ordination

Our medical services include:

  • Examination of the newborn
  • Examination and treatment of infants, children and adolescents,
  • Vaccination counselling and vaccination,
  • Hip ultrasound for infants,
  • ECG,
  • Lung function,
  • Urine analysis,
  • Blood test from the fingertip with on-site acute laboratory with red and white blood count and CRP (inflammation parameter),
  • Blood glucose measurement,
  • Streptococcus A throat swab + rapid test.
Kinderarzt-1220Wien- Untersuchung

Of course, we are also available for OP clearances and sports clearances (for competitions).

An initial meeting (first-time ordination) includes a detailed initial history and examination of the child.

For follow-up appointments (from the 2nd visit: Ordination e.g. acute infection, vaccination or check-up) I reserve about 30 minutes for you and your child. Of course, every vaccination is preceded by a thorough examination of the child. As soon as the child enters the consultation room, the assessment of the child begins with observation of behaviour, parental contact, gait, speech, etc., even before a physical examination, and is included in the clinical assessment.

Ordination with MKP examination__ (mother-child pass examination) usually takes even longer. I ask you to take a little more time here.