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Dr. med.univ Monica Reisel-Bernecker

Kinderarzt Dr. Reisel Bernecker

Already during my medical studies in Vienna I set myself the goal of becoming a paediatrician. Even during the years of "rotational training" at the Hospital Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder in Vienna that followed my studies, this wish was strengthened when I rotated to the paediatric department in Eisenstadt and matured into a firm decision.
As soon as the opportunity arose, I transferred to the Gottfried von Preyer'sche Kinderspital (Children´s Hospital), completed my training as a general practitioner there and at the same time in the hospital in Favoriten (KFJ), and then also completed my specialist training in paediatrics and adolescent medicine in the Preyer'sche Kinderspital (Children´s Hospital) in Vienna with additional work in the paediatric rheumatology outpatient clinic.

After working in hospitals for more than 13 years, I founded my existing paediatrics practice at Tokiostrasse 14 in 2003. After careful consideration and many years of experience, I switched from a panel practice to an elective practice in autumn 2020. The motivation was to be able to spend more time on the one hand with the individual little patients, but on the other hand also to have more time for detailed discussions with the parents when questions arise apart from the child's illness, e.g. about nutrition, vaccinations or the child's behaviour. As a paediatrician, alongside the parents, i am perhaps the most important companion for a healthy growth from newborn to toddler, schoolchild to adolescent and adult. This can be implemented better and more easily in an elective practice.

Luminita Popescu

Kinderarzt-1220 Wien- Lumi

I joined Dr Reisel-Bernecker's team in December 2019 as a practice assistant qualified in 2013. I love working with children and feel very comfortable in this practice.

On the one hand, I take care of the registration, appointments and other administrative work, and on the other hand, I support Dr Reisel-Bernecker in the doctor's office during the examinations. I weigh the children, measure them and save the data. It is simply important to create a trusting atmosphere for the children and to take away their fear, even if they are sick at the time. For the parents, I am the "voice" of the clinic on the phone and am happy to take their requests.

Between patient treatments, I disinfect the rooms. All those who already know me call me Lumi.